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We can list your items in the brochure and we are completely transparent. We highlight that 100% of the bids on these items go straight to charity.

That’s where we come in! We do all the work for you both before, during and after the event. Our focus is on maximising funds you raise at the event without any added stress.

At most events we run alongside a live auction, it’s a great way to get extra people bidding and raise even more funds during the event.

100% of the funds raised above the reserve go to your charity and we don’t charge you for our service, so you really can’t lose!

We work with you to create a unique list of lots that fits your audience and therefore raises the most revenue for your charity.

We specialise in silent auctions and understand what works and what doesn’t. By understanding the audience and your goals we are confident we can help you raise the maximum amount of funds raised on the night.

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