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Mar 18

The Best Ways to Raise Money for Charity

Raising money for a charity is not an easy task, and often those involved are required to offer great dedication and commitment. However, helping those who are less fortunate is something truly rewarding. And, there’s no reason you can’t have a lot of fun in the process. In this blog,... read more →
Sep 12

10 charity fundraising ideas

Convincing people to part with their money can be difficult, but there are plenty of great ways to entice people to participate in fundraising. The best one for you will depend on your circumstances, but a little creativity and organisation can go a long way. Below are some of the... read more →
Jun 07

How to run a silent auction

If you’ve ever taken part in an auction, regardless of whether it is at an auction house or on a website like eBay, you will have experienced the wave of different emotions that can come with competing to win the item you’re bidding for. These emotions, be it excitement, indignation,... read more →
May 01

Experience and talent raise money and awareness

Our recent rebrand from Carita Silent Auctions to good2auction was borne out of recognising the strengths of what we do at our sister brand, good2bid, and to bring this business under the group banner. Linking the two means that we can highlight the importance of the talents’ involvement and do... read more →
Mar 15

How to increase your silent auction bids

You’ve put a lot of time and energy into preparing your silent auction. There have been loads of phone calls, lots of legwork, and plenty of research and thought has gone into the structure and lots. That’s without even mentioning any promotional efforts you’ve made to raise awareness. It can... read more →
Jan 21
silent auction how to.

How do silent auctions work?

We’ve all seen bidding in an auction house on various TV programs. It’s not surprising an auction makes for good viewing. They are fast-paced, tense, and exciting. But, do you know how a silent auction works? A silent auction works rather differently to a standard auction, in a way that... read more →